SaferTRIPS is our international travel risk management service for higher risk countries. We provide comprehensive international trip support to ensure the safety and security of personnel, including pre-travel planning, travel briefings along with travel monitoring, and post-travel debriefs.

SaferTRIPS Travel Risk Management Service

SaferTRIPS is a specialized international travel risk management service that is designed for real-world travel conditions. We understand that travel to many regions can poses various safety and security risks for personnel involved, which can put the individual and the organization at risk. Therefore, we are committed to providing a comprehensive support structure to ensure that the safety and security of personnel are taken into account at all times.

Pre-Travel Planning

Our services begin with pre-travel planning, which involves an in-depth review of the traveler's itinerary, destination, and any potential risks associated with the travel. This information is then used to formulate a comprehensive travel plan that ensures the individual's safety while traveling. The plan includes information on safe and secure accommodation, local transport and the necessary precautions that should be taken during the travel. 

Comprehensive Travel Preparation 

We also provide comprehensive travel briefings to help prepare the traveler before the journey. These briefings include guidance on the destination's culture, customs, and laws, an overview of the security situation in the area and recommended measures to take for staying safe while traveling.

Travel Monitoring and Awareness

In addition to pre-travel planning and briefings, we also offer travel monitoring. Our SaferTRIPS team tracks the individual's journey and monitors security incidents or travel disruptions that may arise, cordinating with the necessary support resources promptly.

Post-Travel Debriefs

Finally, our post-travel debriefs provide an opportunity to assess whether the travel plan was effective and to identify any areas for improvement. It is also an opportunity to provide feedback to the organization and assess whether the traveler's experiences can provide new lessons for future travel plans.

At Riley Risk, we are committed to building trust with our clients and ensuring that their personnel can travel securely and confidently. Our comprehensive travel risk management service is tailored to meet each client's unique needs, ensuring tailored support and guidance, delivering sustainable trust in travel safety.

SaferTRIPS: 3 Critical Advantages


SaferTRIPS provides specialized international travel risk management services that consider real-world conditions. Our comprehensive support structure includes pre-travel planning, itinerary review, and destination risk assessment to ensure personnel safety. We coordinate secure accommodation, local transport, and necessary precautions as part of our travel plans.


SaferTRIPS provides in-depth pre-travel planning to formulate comprehensive travel plans that ensure safety. Our travel plans include secure accommodation, local transport, and necessary precautions. We also offer comprehensive travel briefings to prepare travelers with security guidance and cultural awareness.

Post Travel

SaferTRIPS offers travel monitoring to track journeys and provide necessary support. Post-travel debriefs assess plan effectiveness, identify improvements, and provide feedback to the organization. Traveler and operational experiences inform future travel plans to the region and destination.

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