Security Risk
Management Consulting

For International Aid and Development Organizations

We help organizations keep people safe and minimize security costs.

Security Expertise

On Demand

With over a decade of experience supporting donors and donor-funded organizations alike, we deliver unmatched security management expertise when you need it and how you need it.

Risk Assessment and Security Planning

Project and site specific assessments. Security policies and procedures. Detailed, project specific, safety and security plans.

Risk Assessment and Security Planning

Travel Risk Assessments
Operational Security Risk Assessments
Fixed Site Security Risk Assessments
Corporate Safety and Security Manual
Project Safety and Security Plans
Proposal Security Plans
Journey Management Planning

Operational Risk Management

Travel risk management. Crisis management training and support. Safety and security awareness training. Detailed threat reporting.

Operational Risk Management

Safety and Security Awareness/Training
Pre-Departure Travel Briefings
Crisis Management Support
Threat Monitoring and Reporting
Security Services/Equipment Procurement
Security Vendor Management
Security Audits

Data-Driven Security Decision Making

Tools and analysis that facilitate security decision making, transparency, consistency, efficiency, and standardization across your organization.

Data-Driven Security Decision Making

Security Department Process Improvement
Security Cost Analysis
Organizational Security Policy Compliance
Duty-of-Care Audit
Security Audit Compliance
Senior Stakeholder Briefs/Presentations

Riley Online Security Tools and Content

Are Difference Makers

Risk Registers in the Cloud

See your registered risks and understand what needs to be done to reduce them. Assessed risks are registered and managed at the project level. Team members can collaborate on security related tasks and documents.

Data Visualization

Visualize the organization's portfolio of risk. Focus on the risks which are most important. Detect trends and take action. Understand the effectiveness of your security spending. See where work is going on, and where it's not.

Effective Online Learning

Deliver effective, role-based security learning to everyone who needs it. Easily understand completion statistics and quickly get the team compliant. Quickly deliver customized learning content to your team.
Developed to make a difference, the Riley online Security Management System gives you the edge. It allows a security team to deliver value immediately and provides significant efficiencies. Get more done with less effort and less cost.