We emphasize the importance of proactive risk management for your mission success. Our comprehensive, yet cost-effective SecurityWATCH service aims to minimize risk, optimize opportunities, and foster resilience in the ever-changing security environment

Comprehensive Security Risk Management Solutions

Our SecurityWATCH service is designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive security risk management solution. Our team of dedicated and experienced security risk management advisors are available to help clients identify and manage risks, coordinate security project planning, and provide best-in-class risk advisory support services for real-time challenges.

Flexible Service Arrangements

We provide access to adaptable service arrangements, designed to deliver the support you need when you need it. Our flexible offerings include both full-time and cost-effective intermittent support, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns with your specific objectives and budget. Our ability to provide best-in-class service using cost-effective solutions truly sets us apart.

Effective Implementation Strategies

Our team of security risk advisors can also provide support for developing and implementing organizational policies and procedures, assisting with resiliency preparedness and crisis management events. Additionally, we can help your organization develop and implement organizationally-wide risk awareness, building a sense of enterprise risk ownership using our unique implementation methodology. 

At Riley Risk, we believe that thoughtful and proactive risk management is critical to achieving mission success. Our SecurityWATCH service is designed to help our clients minimize risk, maximize opportunity, and build resilience in today's complex and dynamic security landscape.

SecurityWATCH: 3 Critical Advantages

Effective Solutions

Riley Risk advocates for proactive risk management, enabling mission success. SecurityWATCH helps clients minimize risk while retaining the ability to seize opportunities and develop long-term resilience in complex, dynamic security environments.

On Demand Expertise

Our security risk advisors offer on-demand expertise for policy development, resiliency, crisis management, and organization-wide risk awareness. We foster enterprise risk ownership with our unique implementation methodology.

Enterprise Capability

SecurityWATCH can offer enterprise-wide capacity & capability for larger organizations as well, providing comprehensive risk management solutions. Our expert advisors help identify, manage risks, and deliver top-tier real-time security support.

Let Us Help You Mitigate Risk

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