SecurityACCESS specializes in providing tailored security solutions, focusing on a select portfolio of countries. This approach ensures that organizations receive crucial local expertise and prompt support, specific to their unique operational needs. The SecurityACCESS program has become essential for many entities operating in complex and high-risk regions, encompassing areas from Ukraine to the Middle East, Africa, and beyond.

In-Country Security Oversight

The SecurityACCESS program offers access to current, relevant policies and procedural resources, detailed risk assessments, and regular security and geopolitical updates.

Our local teams deliver expert management oversight and support. Services include operational and venue security assessments, travel risk management, crisis consulting, intelligence analysis, regional risks, and customized security training.

Tiered Subscription Levels - Selectable Support

There are three levels of service offered, each providing varying degrees of security support and resources.

These tiered levels include access to updated security and geopolitical reporting & analysis, security management support (such as policy development, travel risk support, emergency alerting, site assessments, and training), as well as threat incident alerting & monitoring services.

Additional resources available in all three SecurityACCESS service levels encompass comprehensive tools such as country safety and security plans, live country resource maps, emergency action plans, travel risk management support, and in-depth city-level resources. These are designed for organizations seeking a turn-key security program. Our experienced team routinely updates and maintains all program resources and plans, ensuring that you and your organization have the most relevant foundational components for operating and managing risk effectively in the assigned locations.

Global Reach Combined with Local Expertise

Our SecurityACCESS team, embodying expertise and adaptability, effectively utilizes global experience and local insights for risk management. Supported by our experienced Global Security Management team and guided by resident Country Security Managers, we strategically integrate local expertise with international standards. This results in a seamless blend of global insights and on-the-ground experience, ensuring effective, tailored security solutions.

Access to Relevent Resources

SecurityACCESS by Riley Risk represents a paradigm shift in providing global security solutions, born from our foundational experiences in Ukraine and other high-risk regions. Our approach, refined through our application in managing risk for our clients in high and extreme-risk environments, sets the benchmark for delivering comprehensive and adaptable security support across varied geopolitical landscapes.

SecurityACCESS: 3 Critical Advantages

Local Expertise

Our in-country security professionals excel in understanding and navigating the complex operating environment, bringing to bear extensive experience and well-established local and regional networks. This expertise is pivotal in delivering top-tier security management solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the region, as well as each of our client's specific requirements.

On-Demand Support

Access to security support, combined with our turn-key security program resources, is a pivotal component of SecurityACCESS. It is designed to provide organizations with immediate access to experienced security management professionals. This service is available across all subscription tiers, ensuring that every client receives the level of support they need, tailored to their specific security requirements.

Flexible and Scalable

 Our SecurityACCESS program delivers high-quality security management at a lower cost, tailored to your organization's needs, ensuring value and reducing unnecessary expenses. Emphasizing local insights and expertise, our service enhances both your organization's safety and the wellbeing of the communities where you operate, aligning with broader social responsibilities.

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