Manage Risks, Controls, & Tasks in A single platform.

A Better way to manage Physical Security Risk.

Built for Security Risk Managers.

Organize every project risk and mitigating control within one platform.

Visualize data. Reduce negative impact.

Our integrated enterprise security and risk management application helps organizations reduce the frequency and severity of negative events.

Enterprise Security Risk Management

Riley is an enterprise security risk management platform built specifically for international security management. It’s the only cloud-based subscription service system that helps resource-constrained departments proactively manage safety and security risks, at scale and on a global basis.
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Riley improves compliance, increases consistency, and reduces costs through better data-driven decision making.

Proactively Manage Security Risks.

Riley users are able to easily identify and register relevant risks in the locations where they operate and then collaborate on tasks that implement or maintain control measures the chief security officer (CSO) has uniquely prioritized according to the company’s specific policy.

Riley Risk app laptop

Facilitate Collaboration

Globally operating organizations often struggle to implement security on a global scale. Riley organizes your project portfolio and facilitates collaboration to ensure mitigating actions are completed. Improve compliance through increased visibility and accountability. Monitor spending, tasks, important deadlines, threat events all on one platform.

Communicate Key Events

Riley’s powerful features empower you to visually communicate key risks, controls, and events, their causes, and the effectiveness of the preventative and mitigating controls that you have put in place.

Riley Risk Security App Risk Project Map
Riley Risk security insights and risk webpage

Visualize Your Controls.

Riley utilizes detailed, easy-to-read dashboards, maps, and charts to give your team the best project management and overall visibility on the market.  With the ability to easily produce full-scale reports summarizing the risks your teams face, and the control measures that work best for you, you’re able to keep your team members safe, and management informed. 

Better Compliance

Riley's task module creates unparalleled visibility and accountability resulting in better security compliance.

Reduced costs

Riley creates efficiencies and insights that allow your department to do more with less which often translates to big savings.

smarter decisions

Riley's data-driven decision making quickly illuminates inconsistencies and risks to eliminate human error.

more consistency

Riley standardizes the way your team works which ensures policy is applied consistently across the entire project portfolio.

Global security
risk management System

A Centralized Security Workspace For your globally distributed teams.

“Riley is a force multiplier because it enables a smaller security department or even a single security resource to manage safety and security and the implementation of a company’s duty-of-care policy on a global basis. And, since Riley basically tells users exactly what actions need to be taken to reduce risks, a company is able to use more junior resources in security roles, which also contributes to the return-on-investment.”