A Better way to manage Physical Security Risk.

Riley improves compliance, increases consistency, and reduces costs through better data-driven decision making.

Proactively Manage Security Risks.

Riley users are able to easily identify and register relevant risks in the locations where they operate and then collaborate on tasks that implement or maintain control measures the chief security officer (CSO) has uniquely prioritized according to the company’s specific policy.

Visualize Your Controls.

Riley utilizes detailed, easy-to-read dashboards, maps, and charts to give your team the best project management and overall visibility on the market.  With the ability to easily produce full-scale reports summarizing the risks your teams face, and the control measures that work best for you, you’re able to keep your team members safe, and management informed. 

“Riley is a force multiplier because it enables a smaller security department or even a single security resource to manage safety and security and the implementation of a company’s duty-of-care policy on a global basis. And, since Riley basically tells users exactly what actions need to be taken to reduce risks, a company is able to use more junior resources in security roles, which also contributes to the return-on-investment.”