This week on It’s Under Control Jake Allen is joined by Scott Wilcox the founder, President, and CEO of Sicuro Group which includes Intelyse a business intelligence, travel risk, and business continuity consulting firm that helps multinational companies operate in some of the world’s most difficult and austere locations. Scott got his entrepreneurial start while serving in the military when he began providing security services as a side hustle.  A short while later, he became increasingly aware of vast technology gaps and took advantage of his knowledge and expertise in the field to found Sicuro Group.  Scott is uniquely qualified to discuss the growing trend of the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC).  What is a GSOC?  Does your company need one?  Should you outsource it or build it in-house?  Scott addresses these questions and many more.  You can now listen to It’s Under Control on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, and Google Podcasts!  If you have any feedback or suggestions for guests or topics send us an email at [email protected]