Security Management is All About the Follow Through

If you grew up playing sports, you probably recall your coaches stressing the importance of follow-through, that action that comes immediately after the primary point of focus. In basketball or American football follow-through, it is what your arm, wrist, and hand do immediately after the ball has been released. In baseball or golf, it is the part of the swing immediately after impact with the ball. Research has shown that mastering the follow-through motions is essential to success.

For security directors and leaders, follow-through is practically all that matters! Conducting a security risk assessment is comparatively much easier than implementing the list of recommended corrective actions, controls, and mitigation measures. Yet, following through with these actions is the only way to reduce the likelihood and impact of risk events.

There are numerous products in the market right now focused on digitizing security risk assessments in an effort to drive efficiencies and standardization across the organization. That is great, but is the point of cut assessment times in half if the follow-through is unlikely to take place?   CSOs are increasingly relying on security management systems that improve the visibility and accountability surrounding these critical tasks.

This article was also published on LinkedIn.