Mozayix Re-Affirms Long-term Commitment to Provide Services in Both Libya and Yemen

Today Mozayix Middle East re-affirmed its long-term commitment to serving clients in high-risk countries such as Libya and Yemen. Despite the violence and the fluid nature of places like these, international organizations with an interest in these locations still need planning and operational support.

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Today Mozayix Middle East re-affirmed its long-term commitment to serving clients in the high-risk markets of both Libya and Yemen. Despite the attack on the Hotel Corinthia on 27 January 2015, as reported by NBC News and other global media outlets, and the Houthi takeover in Sana’a, Yemen, Mozayix will continue to provide services in those places to its clients. ( Mozayix’s capabilities include on-sight project security management, security consulting, secure travel management, as well as the collection, analysis and dissemination of security intelligence to support safe and secure operations.

“In light of this week’s attack at the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli we want to re-affirm our commitment to supporting our clients on the ground in Libya,” says Phil Dwyer, Senior Partner at Mozayix. “I also want to express my deepest condolences to David Berry’s family and friends. I first met David in Lebanon in early 2014 and his tragic death merely underscores the complexity and the stakes associated with operating in places like Libya. At this point, most organizations with foreign staff still in Libya are at their highest alert postures; with good reason. However, we’re committed to continuing our efforts to shape and facilitate our clients’ ability to make sound decisions in an increasingly difficult market.”

Asked whether the recent political upheaval in Yemen had shaken the firm’s confidence in that market Jake Allen, another Senior Partner at Mozayix said, “No. Obviously we are actively analyzing the continuing changes to the political landscape in Yemen and how that is likely to impact our clients’ ability to operate safely and profitably. Ultimately, we still believe that Yemen is a market with a lot of potential primarily due to the complexity of the security landscape and the difficulty it is to operate there. Our approach is so much different than our competitors in that we are much better integrated at local levels and are able to operate in locations and in ways that few others can.”

About Mozayix Middle East:

Mozayix Middle East provides essential risk and security management services as well as security intelligence to clients throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Mozayix’s services enable our clients’ business operations by delivering the intelligent insight needed to make critical security decisions. From on-site security management to continuous information operations Mozayix helps its clients’ operate in some of the most challenging environments.