Mozayix Launches New Market Intelligence Service

Augmented Information and Intelligence (Ai²) services provides world-class research, analysis and reporting at a fraction of the cost to carry your own team of analysts.

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Yesterday Mozayix Middle East S.A.L. announced the creation of a new service that will provide information and intelligence to help their clients make more informed security and risk management decisions. The Augmented Information and Intelligence service specifically addresses the needs of companies with operations in North Africa, the Middle East or Central Asia. The service, known as Ai², allows corporate subscribers to communicate with and directly task Mozayix’s regionally based analysts and consultants on a part or full-time basis.

“Historically robust intelligence capabilities have been limited to sovereign governments and the world’s largest corporations. Ai² delivers that same depth of collection, analysis and reporting but at a much lower operating cost”, says Jake Allen a Managing Partner with Mozayix who is responsible for the roll-out within the region.

Mozayix analyzed numerous industries in search of best-practices for serving their clients’ demand for information and intelligence which is constant on many topics and cyclical or event driven on others.“We looked at the success of NetJets in serving some clients that either don’t need or cannot afford to purchase and maintain their own aircraft yet still value the convenience and benefits that access to private aircraft delivers. At the other end of the spectrum we’ve admired Burger King’s ‘have it your way’ approach to their customers’ experience. Intelligence is the outcome of raw information that has been processed, analyzed, contextualized and thus made relevant to each client. And every customer needs it their own way,” says Allen.

Political instability and sectarian divisions throughout the Middle East continue to create security concerns for large international companies. Many of whom now rely heavily on the services of professional information and intelligence firms like Mozayix who help manage security risk. The company plans to offer offer Ai² to clients who operate in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan. They also have plans to offer the service in Pakistan later in the year.

While many of Mozayix’s competitors publish and sell intelligence reports Mr. Allen insists that the Ai² service is altogether different. “All of these mass-market Intel reports are merely recycled, reworded and repackaged open-sourced information. Therefore the content value is weak to start with. More importantly, because they are being sold to multiple clients they can never be written in a way that is specific to each reader’s unique operational context. The goal of intelligence must be to create an advantage over your competitors or adversaries. That presupposes that you know a lot about your clients, their business model, their strategy, their corporate culture and what kind of information and intelligence they need to be successful. That’s why Ai² clients get a fully customized experience. They can submit their specific information requirements directly to their dedicated analyst and receive back customized reports and analysis. It’s the difference between simply buying and reading a magazine or being the owner/editor of your own magazine and getting to choose the topics and depth of analysis for each article in each issue.”

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